The Learning Story – ‘Who we are’ 

This academic year, for the first unit Nursery started with ‘Who we are’, which was  all about the five senses which presented their understanding of the Central Idea:  ‘The sensory system helps to explore the world’. 

We wanted our students to explore the different senses and experience them in  various ways through different learning engagements. We first tapped into their  prior knowledge through a ‘Dice’ game, then taking it further through different  hands-on activities. 

The students had a lot of hands-on experiences with various learning engagements  through experiments and activities to differentiate the sense of sight, hearing, taste,  smell and touch.

We explored the ‘sense of sight’ through a science experiment wherein the students  mixed baking soda, jelly powder, color and water to make a paste and scooped this  into an ice-tray, then freezing it. Later they poured vinegar over it and observed the  reaction. They were thrilled to ‘see’ this experiment and reflected their  understanding though words such as ‘blue’, ‘bubbles’, ‘pink’.



Going further, we integrated Visual Arts to engage the students and strengthen their  understanding of the ‘sense of sight’ through an interesting activity. We took 3  glasses and filled 2 glasses with water. Then mixed in red color in one glass and  yellow in the other glass. We kept the 3 glasses in a row with the empty glass in the  middle and place a roll of tissue in each of the glasses filled with water while the 

other ends of the tissue meeting in the 3rd glass which was in the middle. We then  waited to see what happens. The students were amazed to see how the tissues  soaked the colored water and spread into the 3rd empty glass which then turned into  a 3rd color, orange. The students really enjoyed this learning engagement on the  ‘sense of sight’.

For the ‘sense of hearing’, the students were engaged in an interesting activity  wherein they filled 5 glasses with different quantities of water and to make it fun  they mixed different colors in each glass. They then tapped the glasses with a spoon  to ‘hear’ the sound. The students reflected their understanding on the ‘sense of  hearing’ through this activity at the same time enjoying the different ‘pitch of  sounds’. The students enjoyed making their own lemonade, Monaco toppings and sandwich  which were hands-on activities for the ‘sense of taste’.The students expressed the good and bad smell when they were given a few items  with different kinds of smell, such as perfume, cinnamon, soap, flowers, coffee,  apple, tomato sauce and lemon. 

For the ‘sense of touch’, Visual Arts was integrated wherein the students drew their  handprint and had to ‘touch and fell’ a few items, then stick them on each finger. 

They expressed their understanding of the ‘sense of touch’ by feeling the given items  and communicating through words such as ‘bumpy’, ‘smooth’, ‘rough’, ‘soft’ and  ‘hard’. Their favorite activity was the ‘Hot and cold’ activity. Three bowls were taken,  one was filled with warm water, the other with cold water and the third with ice. The  students expressed their understanding of the ‘sense of touch’ by feeling the  temperature of the water and ice, and communicating in words such as ‘warm, cold,  ice’. 

Integrating Visual Arts for the next activity on the ‘sense of touch’, the students  made their own playdough, which excited them.

We did a lot of activities however what really stood out was the ‘Popcorn making’  activity covering up all the 5 senses which the students actually showed ‘student  agency’. They really enjoyed this activity which lead them to differentiate all the five  senses.To conclude this unit, we played a ‘Bingo’ game and they all were very happy to participate. They all  could identify all their senses, connected to real life experiences.