Individual & Societies

The students of Grade 8 studied about the different forms of Government like Monarchy, Dictatorship and Democracy. They analysed the positive and negative effects of the government types on their citizens. They then created a podcast on any particular Historical figure representing a particular type of Government like Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Narendra Modi, Queen Elizabeth etc.



Soundless mountains staring at them,

the peaked giants were bone-white.

Mulan’s army as thin as a stem,

looked at the mist-covered site.


Along came the colossal battalion of Shang Yu,

And outnumbered Mulan’s by a hundred few.

Out came her army’s cannon,

As Shang Yu’s army ran down the hooded-peak.


Mulan knew that they wouldn’t survive,

Bam! A thought came into her mind.

Seizing the canon, hoping to stay alive,

she ran up the peak because there was no time.


Reaching the top she aimed the cannon, 

off it went and hit the snow capped giant.

Sending an avalanche hurtling down,

Shank Yu’s army, crushed into Earth’s brown

Mulan;s War


Anshul Yemul: Emoji Poem



🌸 🔵

🙋🏽‍♂️❎ with the 🦠

Are ➡️ 👨👩



Roses are red

Violets are blue

I’m done with the virus

Are you?

The eighth grade students learned to analyse, write and recite poetry (taking part in the English Elocution as well!)


Poems were written using video prompts (like a clip from Mulan), inspired by research based on current events, or by exploring less traditional styles of poetry like “black out” or “emoji” poetry.


During this unit ‘ Festivals’ students  researched on their favourite festival and International festivals,  and wrote about it in 200 to 250 words and presented it in the class. They learnt that festivals also give a sense of enjoyment, relaxation and offers the time needed to bond with family members   Festival is a gathering of people to celebrate something. People in a country have a holiday so that they can celebrate something it may be religious.. It was fun to teach this unit as we learnt about different  cultures, communities or religion



Presentation - French explorers and researchers 

The students researched about famous French explorers and researchers and presented a short biography. They talked about the personal life as well as the professional life for example what did they discover , education etc. It gave them the international exposure on French explorers and helped them to enhance their speaking skills.

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