The learners researched about French explorers and presented in the class. They included the facts about the explorer, their achievements and their photos . Some students  presented explorers from different countries. This helped them to improve their communication skills and also become life long learner.

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Twin misconception ~Parth S. Manjrekar~


Another stormy night, which flooded the streets of Okada, changed almost everything! The houses were burned into ashes, there were bombs showering through the sky! Antonio, a superior warrior was actually behind this and was causing destruction in Okada! Antonio had a scar on his left eye and he always wore a mask to hide his Identity “Hurry up!” said Jacob the king to his wives. “We don’t have time, before every thing is destroyed let our kids be in the basket and let the water decide their fate”, Jacob was sure, after all he knew that he might not survive but his kids will take his revenge! 


Years pass by, both of his kids George and Spot have been grown and they were raised by their step mother. As a misconception, they both thought the other twin of theirs were the murderer. And by rage, both of them use to fight. George and Spot were said to do battles for their own countries. They fought for days, continuously. But, until one day they realised that they are twins and the one to kill their father is Antonio the superior warrior of all times. As a mission, both of them attacked separately in the tower but sadly, both of them were caught easily because the traps were set and Antonio knew about their encroachment. They knew they should have worked together but since they denied, they suffered. But, one of the guards were tired of getting ruled and wanted a change. “Listen up boys, here is the key and I am letting both of you go. Please don’t screw this up!” whispered the guard. Both of them escaped and attacked Antonio at the same time. Antonio wasn’t conscious and turns out to be that Antonio is the uncle of George and Spot who wanted revenge from his brother because his brother married a girl which he liked. Both of them were shocked! And Antonio took the advantage and stabbed Spot towards the left side of his chest even though the heart is in the right side (because he has dyslexia). While bursting with rage, George cut off Antonio’s head and Spot turned out to be alive and still surviving (because your heart is towards your left side and the person if front of yours seems to be on the right side). And then they happily live ever after.





During the unit ‘ Hobbies and leisure activities’ students learnt that hobbies keep us active, it also helps our mental health. It improves our creativity and career. During this unit students wrote about their hobbies. They played quiz, Kahoot and made origami things like- flower basket , fish , boat , caterpillar.


Individual & Societies

The students of Grade 7 studied about the Globalization and wanted to create awareness about its effects on human lives. They then researched on types of Globalization. They linked it with different aspects of Globalization and presented on it discussing its positive and negative aspects of it.