Learning story  Healthy Snack Competition

Grade 4 A & B


Teachers: Samuel Morteo & Nishat Matani


On the 23rd of September grades 4 A and B engaged in a competition! The task was to make the healthiest snack. The finished scrumptious, healthy snacks were then judged by an esteemed panel of Judges; Yasho Ma’am and Trusha Ma’am, both culinary experts and food enthusiasts. 


But, before we could make our snack, we had to learn about what makes a healthy snack.


First, they explored the different food groups, vitamins and healthy meals through various engagements. The students particularly liked our guest speaker Jeff, a healthy lifestyle expert who taught our students the importance of a balanced diet. 


Second, the students used their procedural writing skills to create recipes. The students made sure they included all the various food groups and vitamins to make the optimum healthy snack.


Finally, the students made and presented their healthy snack to the judges, they were judged on the nutritive value of the dish, its appearance and creativity (i.e the unique name of the dish and the recipe). They presented this information through a poster explaining the recipe in detail. The Judges were impressed with how well the students prepared, plated and explained their healthy snacks.