Learning Story of Grade 3
Our very own bunch of inquirers, , Grade 3 began the year with a unit of inquiry on 'Where we are in place and time’ to inquire into human migration.


 Our central idea being, ‘Migration is a response to challenges, risks and opportunities.’


While on our journey of migration, we were fortunate to meet with  opportunities which helped to delve  deeper into migration and also to know  how migration impacts people, places and communities..How best could we learn? Nothing beats the sharing of real life experiences from people who themselves have undergone migration.


Krish, the  student of grade 3 got curious to know more about migration. He could connect his class learnings with his own uncle who had migrated multiple times in the course of a few years.krish was quick to discuss the same with his uncle. He asked his uncle  many pertinent questions like, “ What are the reasons for your migration?” and many more.


That's when Krish’s uncle, who himself has worked voluntarily as a teacher at some point of time in his life, decided to come as a guest speaker to the grade 3 class of Podar ORT.  .Mr. Janak   thought it would only be right to  address these questions posed by Krish to the whole class.


The stage was set. Mr. Janak walked into our virtual class.Students were a bundle of energy. 

Their excitement knew no bounds.Mr Janak was to share with the students his insights as an immigrant.


While Mr.Janak was narrating his reasons for migration, Krish reflected that his uncle had migrated due to opportunities.He exhibited the learner profile of being a thinker.


Vivaan asked, “What are the challenges he faced?”Mr Janak replied, “ making new friends , adopting new culture and language” . Here, Vivaan inferred, “One has to be open minded to be happy in a new place.” 


Children could also very well relate to his migration . Samaira  pointed out that Mr Janak’s migration was ‘Step migration’. Samaira proved to be indeed knowledgeable.


All throughout , students were making  new connections thus building on their existing  knowledge, reflecting on their new learnings, expressing their wonderings, asking relevant questions, seeking answers and contributing meaningfully during the class discussions.


What  an enriching  as well as a fulfilling experience for the students of grade 3!


This is how  the unit lent itself so beautifully as it paved the way to dig deeper. and farther.